Advanced Skills Level 1

Duration: One-day                                                Cost: £90                                                              Ratio: 3 to 1

Target: New riders with basic skills or returning riders perhaps on a new bike or after a long break

Requirements: Full licence, own bike, own equipment

RideSafe Training Advanced Skills Level 1,  is the first, in a series of three courses. The course provides in-depth rider training teaches techniques and procedures progressively further advanced than the DAS course. In this level 1 course, for novice and returning riders, the skills taught will transform your riding. If you want to continue to our level 2 course, level 1 must have already been completed unless you have undertaken a riding assessment by one of our advanced instructors.

The Level 1 course consists of activities that target personal risk management, self-assessment strategies and on-bike exercises with an emphasis on cornering, braking and avoidance.

The course comprises a number of the following:

Advanced Braking

  • Understand braking and panic braking
  • Learn how to bring your bike to a halt safely, quickly and confidently

Hazard Avoidance and non avoidance

  • Learn to deal with unexpected hazards
  • Learn how to control the bike with confidence and avoid unexpected hazards
  • Learn how to deal with a hazard that you cannot avoid

Bike Control – Slow Speed

  • Improve confidence and learn techniques for controlling your bike at slow speeds

Using our 6 lane runway and connecting roads:

  • Learn how to develop intuitive and delicate changes of speed when riding within a group
  • Learn how to use safe and intelligent positioning when riding in groups
  • Learn how to route plan and route management within a group
Read our Terms and Conditions
Read our Terms and Conditions