Advanced Skills Level 3

Duration: One-day                                                Cost: £90                                                              Ratio: 3 to 1

Target:  Returning riders perhaps on a new bike or after a long break, any confident rider wanting to improve their abilities.

Requirements: Full licence, own bike, own equipment

RideSafe Training Advanced Skills Level 3,  is the third, in a series of three courses. The course provides in-depth rider training teaches techniques and procedures progressively further advanced than the DAS course. In this level 3 course,  the skills taught will transform your riding.

The Level 3 course consists of activities that target personal risk management, self-assessment strategies and on-bike exercises with an emphasis on cornering, braking and avoidance.

Level 3 – what we will cover

Motorcycle stability and instability – solo and passenger carrying

Learn how to overcome instability and how stability can easily be maintained for both solo riding and carrying a passenger or load

Learn why a motorcycle is inherently stable and let us help you dispel the myths and remove the rider input that makes it naturally unstable

· Learn how to load a motorcycle and set it for carrying a passenger

· Revisit and practise slow riding skills with a passenger

· Practise higher speed riding with a passenger and how acceleration, braking and cornering can be affected

· Learn to how to plan and compensate for the effects of carrying a passenger

Safer cornering

A short theory session followed by on-road riding application and consolidates levels 1 & 2.

· Learn effective observations gathering information to safely assess and predict bend severity

· Learn how to assess a safe speed and safe position for bends

· Learn how your choice of gear and best use of accelerator can make a bend feel more stable

· Learn how to identify and respond to the effects of changing road camber

· Each rider will have their personal ride discussed and areas for development may be discussed as required