Short Courses

Duration: 3 hours     Cost: From £49     Ratio: Group Session     Target: Experienced and novice looking to improve their skills

Our short skills courses are a great way to advance your riding skills in a targeted fashion. We often run two different courses on the same day. Get together with some of your riding buddies and make this a fantastic learning experience.

We post our short skills courses on Facebook and our events page but here’s a list of the kind of courses we run throughout the year.

Advanced Braking                              Advanced Cornering                        Riding in the wet

Group riding                                         Urban riding and filtering               Advanced slow riding

Counter steering                                 Carrying a pillion                                Hazard avoidance/non avoidance

Riding at night                                     Emergency stopping                        MOD 1 workshop

U turns                                                     Riding in close proximity               Manual handling/ Picking up a dropped bike

Body positioning                                 Very advanced cornering                Very advanced braking


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