Ridesafe pass rates:Oct 2015 -Oct 2016

We are so pleased at how well all our trainees have done over the past year we want to share the good news with you!
  • Over 70% passed either Mod 1 or Mod 2 1st time!
  • None of our trainees needed more than 2 attempts to pass
  • 25% of our tests presented were female riders.
Ridesafe pass rates:Oct 2015 -Oct 2016
Mod 1  90%                           Mod 2   94%
(78% 1st time)                     (74% 1st time)
Overall DVSA pass rates:
Cambridge     67.9%                            Peterborough  68%
Male 72%    Female  44%                     Male 70%    Female  42%
Cambridge      77%                               Peterborough  64.9%
Male 78%    Female  75%                      Male 64.5%    Female 75%
It’s never too late to begin training for a motorbike licence or have some training if you are a ‘rusty rider’ returning to motorbikes after a break.
We are happy to answer any of your questions and our training is alway at your pace, not ours.
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