Evening Courses

Duration: 3 hours       Cost: £45          Ratio: 3 to 1

Target: New riders with basic skills or returning riders perhaps on a new bike or after a long break

Requirements: Full licence, own bike, own equipment

During the longer evenings, in the summer, we offer some of our short courses and we have specific courses suitable for those who perhaps work shifts or can only get to training after work.

One of the courses which has been very well received is our Night Rider course.

Run between May and October, the Night Rider course is designed to hone your skills going through twilight and into dark. Riding at this time of the day can be quite daunting especially if you lack confidence or you are unfamiliar with it.

This short 3 hour course is run during twilight hours. Our Instructors will pass on to you the skills so you enjoy riding in the dark as much as in the day. The course begins with a short classroom input before going out to put everything into practice.

Please read our Terms and Conditions:

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